First blog post

Hi dear reader,

I’m very humble you have gotten this far and I would like to ask for you to bear with me as I try and describe what this site would hopefully evolve into. As I have never tried hosting my very own personal site (except for some very early horrible attempts) I’m not entirely sure what will be posted here… It will probably be things about programming and the gaming industry in general so if you can relate to these topics you may this site amazing and interesting. Why these two fancy topics? Because I play games and I love them! No!
I have for the last 4 years been study programming and software development, and when I started my education I might have answered something along the style with “I love games let’s study to become a game developer”. I know a very naive thinking about the industry, as Loving games != Game developer. However my eyes gradually widen and I realized that the education I have chosen was not what I expected (there was nearly no scheduled time playing games?!), but as I gradually got deeper and deeper into programming and software development I started to like where the train was going.

Where I’m not at the point of having so much love for software development and programming I have to write down some of the things in my head to not explode, hence this blog/portfolio comes into play. As you are still reading this I’m having confident that you may enjoy this blog/portfolio. Either way I do feel that you deserve these 1’s and 0’s below and I hope to see you again đŸ˜‰