Amalgamation, aim big!

Development during 5 months with a collaboration between Technical Artists and Programmers. Amalgamation is a multiplayer spaceship shooter where a group of 2-8 players battle each other in asteroid cavern networks, randomly generated from various hand crafted chambers and tunnels. Made in C++ for the Windows platform utilizing DirectX 11. It features lots of own written code such as entity engine used to communicate and drive the game (inspired by Artemis), custom written network engine, custom written graphics engine, custom written physics engine and custom built audio engine. For more information about the actual gameplay, screenshots and videos please see our site at IndieDB!

I worked on this project as project manager for the project in addition on building the foundation for larger parts of the graphics engine, audio engine. Where I also spent a large portion of the time on gameplay and network-coding and verifying quality in the system we as a team built. This project gave me personally a lot of experience in large scale software projects and insights on how to create a product as a team.

Team members: Robin Karlsson (Technical Artist), Mattias Liljeson (Coder), Alexander Brodén (Coder),  Anton Andersson (Coder), Johan Carlberg (Coder), Jarl Larsson (Coder) och Per Fornander (Technical Artist).

DOWNLOAD (ca 300MB only works on Windows with DX11 card/cards) SEE VIDEO